Teen Entrepreneur Summer Camp

Our teen summer camp is geared towards high students between the ages of 13-17. The program is facilitated over the course of one week where we introduce youth to the concept of business development and positive community impact through entrepreneurship.

The program is broken down into 3 components where we focus on exposing the students to wealth building strategies through entrepreneurship and inspiring them to pursue the path of entrepreneurship. 

Through a series of workshops, guest speakers, and business tours, students will leave the Young Moguls camp with a great deal of insight on how to start and run a profitable business. 


Core Components

Business Start- Up:

In our startup bootcamp, students learn about business fundamentals and start-up strategies, while constructing an actual business plan in a group setting. Students will conduct market research, receive more in-depth training on marketing & branding strategies, as well as creating and implementing a business budget. They will also receive training on raising capital and using their business ventures to support a social reform initiative in their community.

Financial Literacy:

Students will learn about financial management and wealth building strategies. This portion of the program will introduce students to money management, banking, credit, investing, home ownership, insurance, and general financial tools. They will be exposed to understanding how financial institutions operate and how to use money and credit responsibly. 

Business Tours:

Students will be provided the opportunity to visit local small businesses and receive a “behind the scenes” look at some of Birmingham’s most successful small businesses. Through these tours, students will gain a real world understanding of what it takes to develop and operate a small business.

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